Why did you become a franchisee?
I’ve worked in retail for over 25 years and felt it was time to take on the challenge of owning my own business, as it had always been a goal of mine. I’ve worked for so many years in retail, running corporate stores and being part of store set up teams. I felt that with my background and knowledge, along with my passion in sales and extensive customer service skills, I would make a successful franchisee.

How did you learn about Global Pet Foods and what made you choose it?
First, as a pet owner of a chocolate lab, I had been a Global customer for over 10 years. As a customer, I liked their stores and believed in their motto for healthier choices for pets. I had to deal with some health issues for my pet and I took comfort in knowing there was someone who could guide me. Also, I had previously sought employment at Global and learned more about them; that the stores are franchisee owned and operated and that they are a Canadian company. I felt that with my experience and passion for pets, Global was a perfect fit for me. I believe in the success of the Global franchise and felt I could take part and contribute to its success. I notice a trend of the healthy and specialty side of the pet food industry, where more people are treating their pets as part of the family and taking special care in what they feed them.

What do you like most about it? 
1) Being my own boss! There is a great sense of pride in being able to mold a business in your own way, make your own decisions and see the results.
2) Building customer relationships. I’ve gained a wonderful customer base thus far and can honestly say that I feel like they’re all friends.
3) Helping customers with their pet needs and concerns. People love their pets and want the best for them. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help with issues through the knowledge I’ve gained in the industry.
4) Meeting great pets! My passion for pets comes through when I get to meet all the great dogs and other animals that come to see me at the store.

I feel so fortunate for the ability to be successful by doing what I love, working with great people, and being surrounded by wonderful pets!

What are your top three tips for success? 
1) Choose a business that you believe will be successful. It must be something that you have knowledge in and a great passion for. You will be putting in long hours so you need to ensure it’s something you enjoy.
2) Customer service. It’s crucial to understand the importance of customer service and wanting to take care of all of your customers’ needs.
3) Building your bench. Choosing the right employees is important, as they should represent you and be the face of your business. As your business grows you need to hire people who will be the key to your success.

To learn more about becoming a franchisee with Global Pet Foods, visit them at the FranchiseCanada Show in Toronto and Vancouver this fall! Pre-register now to save $5.