Bloomtools franchisee Chris Downey loves helping customers grow their businesses

Why did you become a franchisee?
I’ve always wanted to run a business of my own and work for myself. Working with small and medium sized businesses and doing sales has always been a passion of mine. I felt at my previous positions I couldn’t make a big impact on their businesses, so I began looking for an opportunity. Having a Bloomtools franchise has given me the opportunity to help businesses increase sales and leads through the technology to the extent I’ve always wanted to help.

How did you learn about Bloomtools and what made you choose it?
I was approached by a franchise sales person about this opportunity. I chose the Bloomtools franchise for many reasons:

  1. It fits well with my sales background and the target market I like to work with.
  2. The team at Bloomtools head office are amazing. I work with them on a daily basis with sales and product support.
  3. Start up costs for this franchise are very reasonable and way lower than most!
  4. The Bloomtools technology is the best in the web service. The proof is with all my happy customers, case studies and testimonials.

What do you love most about being a franchisee?
I love being a franchisee and building my business with the great support I have from head office. The best thing for me is that my clients are getting results. Every time they tell me they got another lead through their website, I’m ecstatic and feel I’ve truly made a difference. That’s my main reason for having this franchise!

What are your top three tips for success? 

  1. Research! You’re making a huge investment in your future and your time. Make sure you research the franchise, the market for your product and your competition. Over the next few years, you’re going to be focusing all your time on your franchise. You want to make sure you’re making the right decision and you have the right team backing you on this journey!
  2. Jump in with both feet! It’s a lot of hard work running a franchise. Make sure you put in the extra effort to make it successful. For me, that was making sales calls, networking, generating leads any way I could so I could set up my bottom line. After the sale happens, it’s hours and hours of compiling and tweaking each product for my customer’s unique needs. This usually happens in the evenings for me as I spend my days focusing on customer meetings and generating sales. After all that, when I find time, I spend time researching and learning as much as I can about the industry and admin/strategy for my own business. You have to give it all you’ve got to make your franchise succeed.
  3. Perseverance – it’s not going to happen overnight! It takes more effort and time than you think to succeed. So keep working on it, learn from your mistakes as much as from your successes. I say every lost sale you have gets you one step closer to your next customer!

To learn more about Chris and his business, visit To find out how you can become a franchisee with Bloomtools, visit them at the FranchiseCanada Show in Toronto this fall! Pre-register now to save $5.