Carl’s Jr. Franchisee Kim Gill loves the freedom that comes with being her own boss


Why did you become a franchisee?
I have worked in the food industry since I was a teenager. I quickly escalated up the ladder into management. My biggest influence was being a manager at McDonald’s. I worked for wonderful people who empowered us and gave us a lot of knowledge. I learned the back side of running a franchise. I liked the business part of it. Not only did I learn to manage and work with different types of people, I also learned how operating costs and profit go hand in hand. Not to mention hard work.

How did you learn about your franchise and what made you choose it?
I grew up in California and was always aware of Carl’s Jr., so it was something I knew of already when I made my decision. My accountant, who I depend on for advice, suggested I look into it when I was a bit bored with another franchise I own and operate. Once I spoke to my contact at Carl’s Jr., I looked further into it and was sold. I liked the higher quality product it offered.

What do you love most about being a franchisee?
I love being able to work the hours I want to work. I love being involved working daily (love my customers and crew) and also being able to walk away for as long as I want when I want. You can never get that working for someone else. The trick to that is to be very much involved and have your people trained and think like you.

What are your top three tips for success? 
Be involved and engaged with your customers and crew. Listen to their likes and dislikes and make adjustments. You can’t do this from an office. If you are unable to do this, then you have to have a manager who cares enough to do it.

Treat your staff like gold – they can make you or break you. Empower them with knowledge and learn from mistakes.

Work on your business by being involved out in the the community because if you don’t than you will always be working in your business.

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